Temples and pagodas in Hanoi
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Temples and pagodas in Hanoi

Temples and pagodas in Hanoi

Temples and pagodas in Hanoi

1. Temple of Literature:
Built in 1070 and chosen as Vietnam's first national university in 1076, Temple of Literature is famous for the perfect combination of its outstanding architecture and surrounding environment. It is highly recommended to see during Vietnam tours. See more on temple of literature.

2. One Pillar Pagoda:
It is the most famous one in Vietnam with unique buddhism architecture. It is designed based on the shape of a lotus flower, the symbol of purity in buddism. This masterpiece was distroyed by the Frence in 1954 and One Pillar Pagoda was rebuilt in 1955 as the original in 1049. However, the new one is strongly advised to visit during your Vietnam tours. More information on one pillar pagoda

3. Tran Quoc Pagoda:
Located on a small island in beautiful lake, called West lake in Hanoi, the pagoda is considered as one of the most charming pagodas on Vietnam tours. Read more on tran quoc pagoda

4. Quan Thanh temple:
It is one of the four secreted temples and pagodas in Hanoi protecting the forbidden city against terrible evils. It is famous for the 4000kg black bronze statue of Tran Vu god, the masterpiece of bronze casting. It is worth to see on your Vietnam vacation. See more about quan thanh temple

5. Ngoc Son temple:
Come over the The Huc bridge(Rising Sun) to small island in Hoan Kiem Lake, you have chance to see the three different gods of different religions living in the same house. Unique not in other country in the world. One of highlights for Vietnam holiday. More information on ngoc son temple.

6. Dien Huu pagoda:
Located nearby the One-Pillar Pagoda, Dien Huu is famous with series of golden buddhist statues. Most of tourists miss the beautiful pagoda when seeing One Pillar pagoda. See more about dien huu pagoda

Recommended temples and pagodas nearby Hanoi

7. Perfume pagoda:
It is one of famous Vietnam tours in term of spirit and religon. It is a full day tour to see Perfume pagoda in charming scenery with a fine combination of trekking and boat trip along peaceful Yen river. This is one of great destinations for Vietnam tours. More information on perfume pagoda.

6. Thay pagoda:
Thay or Master pagoda was built in 11th century under the Ly dynasty to Worship Tu Dao Hanh who was a monk, a teacher and a doctor of natural medicine. Located in a charming countryside, Thay pagoda is a quite famous for Vietnam tours. More details on thay pagoda.

6. Tay Phuong pagoda:
Just 20 minute drive from Thay pagoda, you will get to Tay Phuong pagoda. Come here, you have chances to see the 18 famous statues of La Han coated with lacquer. They are the masterpieces of all Vietnamese wood-carving art works. Great countryside Vietnam holiday is waiting for you. More information on tay phuong pagoda.

6. But Thap pagoda:
Located in the 1st buddhism centre of Vietnam, the pagoda was built in the 13th century under the Tran dynasty and is considered as one of the most charming pagodas during your Vietnam vacation. More details on but thap pagoda.

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