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Some reasons to see Hue:

hue travel Unlike Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, Hue Vietnam seems to have stood aside from the current economic development. Although the history was not so nice to Hue, it still has retained a unique cultural identity. Hue is a small, peaceful and countless romantic city, full of lakes, canals and lush vegetation. It is a great destination.

Hue was chosen to be the capital of Vietnam in 1802 under the Nguyen dynasty and continued its role until 1945. Hue was created on the model of the Forbiden city in Beijing with many palaces, temples inside. More recently the French culture has left a strong impression in the city.hanoi tours

In the Tet offensive of 1968, the city suffered considerable damage to its physical features. Many historical buildings were destroyed by American fire-power and bombings. After the war conclusion, many of the historic features were neglected. However, since Hue was recognised as world heritage site by UNESCO, some parts of the historic city have been restored.

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Top attractions to see in Hue

Top attractions around hue

  • the homes of Tinh Gia Vien and An Hien with their renowned Garden Courtyards.
  • Ngoc Son Princess' residence.
  • Phu Cam handicraft village where they make the Vietnamese traditional conical hat.
  • Phuong Duc bronze-casting village.
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Dear Mr. Huy Hoang
We had a wonderful amazing trip and will return as soon as we can afford it again. Thank you so much! I will write a great review on tripadvisor. Really the guides and hotels and tours were awesome. Ms. Nhung was very sweet and refreshingly honest, very likeable. Mr. Tam was fantastic, highly knowledgeable and funny. Probably our best "tour" was the day we spent on motor bikes visiting the tombs near Hue. The bikes allow for a much more intimate view of the countryside. And then - as I wrote - Mr. An was absolutely the best guide ever...Read more