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Located on 100 hectares in the north of Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi Old Quarter started its history over 1,000 years ago. Especially, in the year 1010 Thang Long was chosen to be the capital of Dai Viet (Vietnam) and Hanoi Old Quarters became the biggest trading center of Dai Viet.

Another name for Hanoi Old Quaters is Hanoi 36 Streets established in 13th century. Each of them was named after the merchandise originally produced by their residents. For example, Hang Bac (silver), Hang Giay(shoes), Hang Quat (fans), Hang Gai (silk), Hang Trong (drums).... Most of the name for Hanoi Old Quarter start with Hang and Hang means merchandise or shop.

The famous architecture for Hanoi Old Quarter is the tube house style. The reason came from the tax on the width of shop and the preferable width for the front of the shops is just 2 to 4 metres. Therefore, the shop is long and narrow with two or three storeys tall. It is used for manufacturing, assembly facilities and living as well.

Hanoi Old Quarter is rich at religious practices. When the craftsmen moved from villages into Hanoi Old Quarters, they brought with them their religious practices and temples, pagodas and communal houses were built. Therefore, each street in Hanoi Old Quarter has one temple. Now, many of them are used as shops and living quarters. However, some of them is easily recognized by the architecture of the roofs.

Unfortunately the narrow and substandard living conditions and numerous ownership made many old houses destroyed during the 1990s in the rush to build more suitable accommodation. Over the past few years, the local goverment has paid attention to the preservation, conservation of Hanoi Old Quarter and seeking recognition of Hanoi Old Quarters as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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