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halong bay vietnamCome to Vietnam without visiting Halong Bay. This means you haven't been to Vietnam. Halong Bay Vietnam always go together when tourists talk about Vietnam vacation.

Halong Bay has twice been recognized as world natural heritage by UNESCO. The first time is for Halong bay's beauty landscapes. The second time is for Halong bay's geology formation. Magnificent Halong bay Vietnam is One of 7 must-visit places on the earth.

Stunning Halong Bay covers an area of 1553 sq km with her 3000 big and tiny islands rising from the emerald waters of the Tonkin Gulf. These tiny islands are dotted with beaches, caves and grottoes created by wind and waves. The about 280 million year old islands have sparsely forested slopes ringing with birdsongs. This magical landscape of limestone islands has made many tourists change their itineraries to stay longer.

Thanks to Halong Bay's diverse landscapes, we organise different kinds of Halong bay tours from quality travel - leisure, sightseeing to kayaking through caves and many floating villages. If you are lucky, you have a chance to see wedding boats going to the bride village or coming back the groom village. We guarantee to make your holiday special and exceptional. Book Halong bay tours with us to make your memory last all your life.

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After 3 hours drive through scenic countrysides, you will check in onboard, start cruising and losing sense of time. It is worth flying thousand Kms to Vietnam to see amazing Halong Bay and fly back home

halong bay vietnam

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Coming to Vietnam without visiting Halong Bay means you have not been to Vietnam. Cruise Halong Bay Vietnam in quality travel style just one time to remember all your life.

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Dear Mr. Huy Hoang
We had a wonderful amazing trip and will return as soon as we can afford it again. Thank you so much! I will write a great review on tripadvisor. Really the guides and hotels and tours were awesome. Ms. Nhung was very sweet and refreshingly honest, very likeable. Mr. Tam was fantastic, highly knowledgeable and funny. Probably our best "tour" was the day we spent on motor bikes visiting the tombs near Hue. The bikes allow for a much more intimate view of the countryside. And then - as I wrote - Mr. An was absolutely the best guide ever...Read more