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Vietnamese food

Why do we show how to make Grilled Chicken With Citrus Leaves?

Thousand times we have answered the question: how to make Grilled Chicken With Citrus Leaves? After joining Vietnam vacations with us, tourists have many times to taste Grilled Chicken With Citrus Leaves and they love this dish. Here is the Ingredients, Vietnamese food recipes for the dish

How to Serve the dish:

  • Serve hot with a little light Nuoc Mam (fish sauce) mixed with lime juice, a little ground pepper and chopped chili.
  • Do not forget to remove the whole citrus leaf before eating


  • Some chili
  • Some pepper
  • Some lemon juice
  • 1 Chicken ( about 1.5kg for 5 people)
  • 50 Citrus leaves
  • 50g Shallots
  • 3 cm Turmeric
  • 3 tsps Nuoc Mam( fish sauce)
  • 2 tsps Oil


  • Bone the chicken and slice it or cut it into small pieces.
  • Mince the shallots and cut six citrus leaves into thin strips, keeping aside the largest and most beautiful ones. Get the juice out of the turmeric.
  • Peel the turmeric, mix it in a blender with thee table spoons of water and a dash of lemon to make a sauce. Then, strain it for a clear sauce.
  • Marinate the chicken with the nuoc mam(fish sauce), the turmeric juice, the pepper, the minced shallots, the juliennes of citrus leaves and a little oil. Mix everything well and let stand for two hours ( keep them longer if possible)
  • Roll each piece of marinated chicken in a whole citrus leaf. Put them on a skewer, then grill on a charcoal fine.

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