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I love my country so much and hope you will do the same after your Vietnam Vacations. Every country has good and bad people. So Vietnam is no exception. The problems I mention rarely happen. However, some tourists have met them before. Therefore, I talk about them today and hope no more tourists on Vietnam vacation get those problems.

Normally, it is very safe to join Vietnam vacations because Vietnam is voted as one of the safest countries in the world. However, by accidentally, you take an illegal taxi. Especially from the airport to big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The illegal taxi driver tries to charge you more money than the actual cost. The problem starts at the similar sounds of some words. For example, thirteen and thirty, nineteen – ninety.... etc. Therefore, I advice you to write down the cost on a piece of paper before sitting on the taxi. It may happen at some small shops as well.

How can you realize that you are sitting in an illegal taxi? and I give you a solution if you are sitting in an illegal taxi? Here: When you take a taxi to your hotel from the airport or somewhere, the driver does not drop you off right in front of the hotel, but stops very far from your hotel and ask you to get off and pay him. Please do not worry, do not get off and say to him that your friends are in the hotel with your money. Ask him to drop you right in front of your hotel and ask the staff of the hotel for help. The driver does not dare to harm you because tourists or foreigners are highly protected by Vietnam laws. Definitely, he will get the right amount of money. If not, he would be in the trouble with the policemen.

The following problem is that you booked a hotel A but the illegal taxi takes you to hotel B and tell you the name of A hotel was changed into B. However, it is not true and when you check out you have to pay more than your contract. My advice for you is to request to see your booking.

The next problem comes from foreign tourists themselves. Some hotel owners hire foreign tourists to take more tourists to their hotels and say much higher price than its cost. Therefore, they can have free food and laundery(only with mini hotels)

Another problem with hotels, when you ask the cost of the room, they say 40 USD for example. However, when you check out, they charge you 40 USD for one person and you have to pay double price. My advice is making everything clear from the beginning. It rarely happens. However, it may happen to you.

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Dear Mr. Huy Hoang
We had a wonderful amazing trip and will return as soon as we can afford it again. Thank you so much! I will write a great review on tripadvisor. Really the guides and hotels and tours were awesome. Ms. Nhung was very sweet and refreshingly honest, very likeable. Mr. Tam was fantastic, highly knowledgeable and funny. Probably our best "tour" was the day we spent on motor bikes visiting the tombs near Hue. The bikes allow for a much more intimate view of the countryside. And then - as I wrote - Mr. An was absolutely the best guide ever...Read more