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vietnam museum of history

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Discover Vietnam, history is one of the highlights for your Vietnam holiday and history museum is a great place to see the history of Vietnamese people from the ancient to 1945.

Built in the 1920s with the hybrid Indochinese style of architecture, Vietnam museum of history displays many artefacts and objects related to the history of Vietnamese people.

The 1st section is about the prehistoric time of Vietnamese people, showing many relics at the Paleolithic and the Neolithic eras.

The 2nd part introduces the initial period of national construction and defence with many rare and valuable objects, especially ancient rock carvings and Đong Son bronze drums(from 2000 to 3000 year old).

The 3rd section shows important collections of ceramic, porcelain, woven cloth and objects, reflecting the struggle of Vietnamese people for independence and freedom against the Chinese invadors from the 1st to 10th century.

The 4th to the 9th focuses on the development of the feudal system under the Đinh dynasty(968-980) and Anterior Le dynasty(980-1009), the Ly(1010-1225) and Tran dynasties(1225-1400), the Le and Mac dynasties(1427-1788), the Tay Son period(1778-1802) and the Nguyen dynasty(1802-1945).

The 10th part shows the anti-French movement and the August Revolution of 1945 and the event of 2nd September at Ba Đinh Square where President Ho Chi Minh read out the Declaration of Independence, giving the birth of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. In the last section, visitors can see great 50 stone carved statues and bas-reliefs from Champa from the 7th to the 13th centuries.

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