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bac ha market highlights  vietnam travel

bac ha market highlights vietnam travel

bac ha - one of most fascinating markets in Vietnam

sapa vietnam In genaral, market is a place for buying or selling something. However, this meaning is not correct for Bac Ha market. So what is Bac Ha market like? Why is it the highlight of Vietnam travel.

Bac Ha is one of the most interesting ethnic markets in Vietnam and possibly in Asia. Bac Ha market opens only on Sunday. This is the occasion for the various minority groups to gather in huge crowds to exchange the last news, chat and eat a copious lunch. Many of them come to the market not for buying or selling anything, but meet their friends.

sapa vietnamIt is visibly a festive event for boys and girls to meet, talk and love. The reason is that they live very far from eachother. Here you see a sea of color, and have the feeling to be on a movie set. Everyone is excited. At the end of the market day, if you see some drunk men lying on the ground with their wives sitting besides, this is very normal. A few men ride small horses. Those fortunate is enough to pay 20000 dongs (1 dollar) for motorcycle taxi, sharing the ride with two other passengers. However, most come on foot from villages as far as 20 kilometers away. Even the old hunched lady does not want to miss the weekly party.

Although there are several groups at the market, the Flower Hmong women stand apart with their vibrant dress. They wear a number of skirts and underskirts all made with very colorful fabric and some batiks. Their tops are embroided, often with flower motifs, and their heads are covered with elaborately shaped and balanced scarfs. In the rapid global uniformization of today world, it is refreshing to see this untouched beauty in humanity. The information above is not enough. See Bac Ha market, remember your Vietnam travel forever.

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