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3 ancient villages in Hanoi visitors must see

In addition to the famous Duong Lam, Co Loa ancient villages, Uoc Le, Cu Da and Cuu are three ancient villages in Vietnam still preserve the cultural feature from hundreds of years but still little known to tourists.

Uoc Le ancient village, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi
Famous for its Gio, Cha (minced meat), Uoc Le village is one of the few villages still holdinhg many old houses in Vietnam until now. Coming to the village, visitors will be overwhelmed and attracted by the unique and attractive architecture bearing the mark of time depicting on every brick and wall. Visitors will also have a chance to admire the gate of the village bearing bold Vietnamese mark with a traditional arch. It is a combination of solid red brick and vaulted roof like the roof of ancient pagodas in Vietnam. At the top of the gate there is a big letter paintingt: "My Tuc Kha Phong" which means " meaning beautiful customs bestowed".
People in Uoc Le village of said that in the 33rd year of Tu Duc Dynasty (1880), emperor Tu Duc on a journey to the north gave this noble title to the six villages of Ha Tay former province including Uoc Le village. Vietnam private tour

Cu Da Village, Thanh Oai district, Hanoi
About 15km from the center of Hanoi, Cu Da Village is located in Cu Khe Commune, Thanh Oai District, known by many as the "Village of Business People". This name originated in the 19th century, then the people in the village were doing business very well, made a lot of profit and built many beautiful homes so that the name "Village of Business People" also originated from that. In particular, the ancient village of Cu Da is the first and only village in Vietnam that every house is put a number with a sign showing address like today.
Up to the present time, Cu Da ancient village is still intact with the architecture of the Northern Delta. Not only that, Cu Da village also has communal houses, pagodas built in the 17th century with ancient architecture.

Cuu village, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi
As a village of over 500 years old, Cuu village belongs to Van Tu commune, Phu Xuyen district, Hanoi. It is a village famous for the villas built with the mixed ancient Vietnamese and French architecture that made it unique.
If you have the opportunity to visit this ancient village, you will get to admire the small lanes in the alleyway that were "paved" with smooth, and gentle blue cubic stones, especially, the gate of Cuu village was built in the style of the three-way architecture of ancient pagodas. Above the gate is placed a pair of unicorn with two dogs holding the gate. Inside the gate is a pot of wine and flowers coupled with the faded black ink letters.

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