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Top 10 Attractions In Soc Son District Of Hanoi

Top 10 Attractions In Soc Son District Of Hanoi

The temple of Thanh Giong, one of the four immortals of Vietnamese folk beliefs. On the summit of Soc Son, there is a footprint of Thanh Giong's iron horse when he took off his armor and fly to Heaven. Relics remain. The temple shrines have been restored many times, still burnt with incense all year round In front of the temple there are Mon Ton mountain, Dai Hac mountain, Hon Ngoc mountain and some streams... read more

Vietnam country and food

Hanoi street

The Vietnamese food in the north of the country is considered to be lighter in flavour and is often seafood heavy, given the coastal geography of the area. The centre of the country, on the other hand, features spicy, hearty food in small portions. Think gourmet Viet food - this is what royalty used to eat! Finally, in the south, the food is categorised by slightly sweeter flavours and the generous use of coconut milk... read more

Sai Gon and Hanoi

Hanoi city

Ho Chi Minh City is entertaining, insightful and emotional as well. Don't miss the War Museum, Reunification Palace, Thien Hau pagoda, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Fito traditional medicine museum. Do a little shopping at Ben Thanh Market in downtown Ho Chi Minh, and enjoy a quiet evening of good food at the little bistros and restaurants uptown. Finally, don't miss the Cu Chi tunnels, the incredible underground tunnel network constructed by Vietnamese fighters during the long struggle for independence- an amazing testament to ingenuity and an unforgettable reminder of a time that is hard to understand... read more

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Dear Mr. Huy Hoang
We had a wonderful amazing trip and will return as soon as we can afford it again. Thank you so much! I will write a great review on tripadvisor. Really the guides and hotels and tours were awesome. Ms. Nhung was very sweet and refreshingly honest, very likeable. Mr. Tam was fantastic, highly knowledgeable and funny. Probably our best "tour" was the day we spent on motor bikes visiting the tombs near Hue. The bikes allow for a much more intimate view of the countryside. And then - as I wrote - Mr. An was absolutely the best guide ever...Read more